Add a New Location

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Add a New Location

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A new Location can be added by clicking on the New Location button. New Locations are created with the default state of unapproved, and notifications will be sent to appropiate users to review and approve or reject the locations.


Details on access and permissions to view, add, edit and approve Locations are given in Licencee Management





Select or enter some or all of the following details. Required fields are marked on the form by an asterisk.


Project ID for the location.

Site ID of the location.

Monitoring Zone of the location.


Coordinate System used to describe the location position.

Latitude and Longitude coordinates can be populated from the current location if the Coordinate System has been defined.

Elevation of the location.

Survey Method used.

Mapped By - person who surveyed the location.


Location Details

Location Type - the kind of Location it is.

Location Code - name used to identify the location in the System. This can be autogenerated if the Site ID and Location Type have been defined. The Location code is concatenated from the Location Type and location sequence number on the site.

Alternative Name - other name used to identify this location.

Purpose - the primary usage of this location.

Asset Code - code used to integrate with other internal software Systems.

Data Source - source of the location data.


Description & Comments

Description of the location to aid with identifying it on subsequent visits.

Comments for the location.



Add multiple wells for the location including TOC, Screen and Base depths.


When a location has been saved the following additional information is stored with the record:

Data Origin

Date Added - date the location is added to the System.

Added By - person adding the location to the System.

Last Edit Date - last date the location was updated.

Last Edited By - person who last updated the location.


Accepted - status of the location, accepted or rejected.

Accepted By - person who approved the location.

Accepted Date - date the location was accepted.


By selecting the Create and Add Images option photos can be uploaded immediately after saving the location details.


After the location has been saved the Environmental Standards for the location can be defined.



And any photos uploaded with it. Click the pencil icon to edit the description and select a Document Type if applicable. Click the tick button to save changes.