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Excel Export

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There are two options to export a Chem Table to Excel:


1) Horizontal - displays the Chem Names horizontally across the page

2) Vertical - displays the Chem Names vertically down the page






The Excel Export Settings allow users to manage settings for the print view of a report in excel.


Results can be set to show a thousands separator limit, to hide grid lines. The Use 4 Column Style sets the Results to be displayed across 4 columns so the prefix, value, qualifiers and comments are in separate cells. Other General settings include page layout options, header and footer alignment and scaling and margins for content on the page.






Formatting can be set specific to the different regions in the report.





Header content is specified across three main sections, left center and right of the page. Select an item from the Insert drop down for inclusion in the header. If a logo has been uploaded for the licencee it will be available in this drop down for selection into the header. Free text editing can also be added with font styling applied. Note that there is a length limit to how much content can be set in the header, which is an Excel constraint. If the allowed length is breached an error notification will be displayed in the print view and the content will need to be revised to fit.






The Footer content is also managed the same as for the Header.