Field Parameters

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Field Parameters

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The Field Parameters section contains information about the field chemistry and other parameters to be collected during the fieldwork.




Field Profile - Field Profiles are pre-configured lists of parameters to be monitoring. Details of setting up the Field Profiles are contained in the Field Portal Config section. Selecting a Field Profile from the drop-down will populate the field paramters.  Expected Mins and Expected Max values specific to the Project can then be entered.



Field Instructions - Specific field instructions related to the Monitoring Round can be typed in the box.


Documents - Different documents can be assigned to the Monitoring Round.  This could include SOPs, Safety Plans, or other documentation.  Documents can be linked to via hyperlinks (such as if they are saved on your network), or imported into the database.  New Documents can be added by clicking the Add button, and completing the subsequent dialog box entries.  More details on adding and managing Documents can be found here.