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Site Details

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Site Details are shown on the default tab when viewing or editing a site. The Monitoring Zones, Locations, Users and Environmental Standards are listed on separate tabs.


If a Site is restricted only site managers can grant permission for users, otherwise it is visible to all users who can grant themselves access.




Further description of the Site Details fields:


Site ID

The reference for the site used in the System.

Site Name

A longer descriptive name for the site.


When checked the site is restricted, else the site is unrestricted.

Asset Code

Code used to integrate with other internal software Systems. Asset codes are used for wells, locations, monitoring zones, sites and site groupings.

Site Location Description

Describe the location to aid with identification.

Site Usage Description

The primary usage of the site.

Coordinate System

Used for mapping the site.

Unit Profile

Select Metric or English units of measurement

Location Code Generation

The site prefix and the incremental count length are used for the auto generation of location codes as [Site Prefix][Location_Type][Counter].

The incremental count length is the number of digits used to show the incremental count of Locations eg: if 2 then shows "RNDBH_01", if 3 then shows "RNDBH_001"