ESdat LabSync Service

Your lab data will all upload automatically; if it doesn't it will be resolved for you.

EScIS is excited to announce the release of ESdat LabSync. ESdat LabSync represents a major enhancement to the previously available "Lab Initiated Upload".

The objective of LabSync is that organisations will no longer need to allocate internal resources to liase with laboratories to ensure their data successfully transfers from laboratories to their ESdat system. The whole receipt and upload process will be configured and set up by EScIS in conjunction with your laboratory(ies) and will run automatically.

LabSync includes sophisticated error checking. Should errors be detected the lab report will be rejected and a report detailing the problem is sent back to the laboratory and your support. Your ESdat users are notified. EScIS liaises directly with laboratories to ensure the issue is corrected.

Users no longer need to see and upload the data files (eg EDD's) sent from the laboratory, the upload is automated and users simply receive a notification informing them their results are available; a list of any exceedances if applicable; and links to view the data in ESdat as Tables, Graphs or Maps.

This means that:

LabSync is complemented by new functionality recently added to ESdat Server, including "Compare ChemCodes" which allows onsite systems to automatically synch their list of ChemCodes with the central list maintained by EScIS and distributed to the laboratories.

LabSync is available for both cloud and onsite systems. Most laboratories who have historically provided data in ESdat format are able to support ESdat LabSync.

For more information on functionality or pricing contact your ESdat support.