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eQuote file

eQuotes (electronic quotes) are an electronic representation of the quotes laboratories send to their clients (e.g. ‘book price’ or project specific).

These files have a fixed structure defined by a schema (xsd files).

The eQuote contains all details regarding the analyses a lab is able to provide for a given client. The information also includes pricing, containers, holding times, etc.

The analyses are organized by Analyses Groups -> Analyses Suites -> Methods -> Analytes to allow the labs to offers different kinds of ‘packages’ to the client.

An additional feature is the ability for the lab to define if a client can sub select analyses at a lower level or not. (i.e. a lab might offer Analyses Suite ‘AS1’ with method ‘Mx’ that consists of analytes ‘A1, A2 and A3’ – the lab can define whether the client can or cannot select analyte A1 for a given sample. The lab can also define expiry dates on the eQuotes if desired.

Laboratories can send their eQuotes to the client’s LSPECS defined email address and the system will import them automatically, making them available for the users to select when defining their eCoCs (Lab Submissions).

A validation tool for the xml files can be downloaded here.

XML Schema Documentation

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