ESdat Development Roadmap

This development roadmap provides a high-level overview of the ESdat and related product development direction for the next 12 months.

ESdat Server (Web Interface) and ESdat Online.

A major upgrade of ESdat Online and ESdat Server (Version 4) has recently been completed and was made available to ESdat Online and some Cloud Hosted users in early December 2020; it will be available to those with onsite or self-hosted systems in mid-Jan 2021.

The enhancements deliver more and improved functionality to most areas of the application. A list of enhancements and new features is at

Development in 2021 will focus on: increasing the size of the Chem Table that can be viewed and exported to Excel; improvements around the configuration of automated logger data imports; and user feedback from the new version.

ESdat Field Portal

In the recent upgrade of ESdat Online and ESdat Server, the ESdat Field Portal was upgraded to work on mobile phones.

A focus of work in early 2021 will be an offline version, to be called the “ESdat Field App” which will work on any modern phone or tablet.

It is intended to offer a complete solution for regular groundwater, surface water and other environmental monitoring events. To this end collection of Lab Sample information for input to eCOC’s will also be added.

ESdat Desktop

ESdat Desktop is in the process of being re-built. The intent is that all key features are to be retained and improved, and it will take advantage of the benefits of the latest coding standards. It is expected to be available for most users in late 2021. It will be possible to use both the current and the new versions in parallel while transitioning.

The current version of ESdat Desktop (Version 5) will continue to be supported indefinitely on Windows 10 and will continue to receive updates. Support beyond Windows 10 is yet to be determined.

The new version of ESdat Desktop won’t work with Access databases as it will be optimised for centralised/server data management. Users with Access databases will need to continue to use the current Version 5 of ESdat Desktop.


PLog is developed by Dataforensics in the USA and remains the dedicated platform for electronic borehole logging also being able to collect other offline field and lab/eCOC data.

LSPECS / ESlog / Public Portal / ESdat API

Development will primarily be addressing user feedback and minor tweaks.