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Eurofins: Streamlining Landfill Environmental Monitoring

The Eurofins Field Services Groundwater team conducts compliance monitoring on behalf of various Landfill operators in Victoria, Australia.

New analytical results from the Eurofins lab and secondary labs were previously combined into spreadsheets containing historical data. These uncontrolled, ‘hand-me-down’ spreadsheets can also introduce critical errors that may be hard to detect.

Eurofins has since adopted the ESdat Lab Portal to replace the previously time-consuming, labor-intensive process. The new system allows Eurofins to:

  • Increase efficiency and free up resources
  • Increase data confidence and accuracy
  • Provide an intuitive interface for Landfill clients to access lab and field results (ongoing and historical)

The ESdat Lab Portal is specifically designed for laboratories to upload data for users to view through ESdat. The cloud-based Environmental Data Management Software allows the production of result tables, time-series graphs, maps, and comparisons against regulatory license conditions. Data can be rapidly filtered across date ranges and locations to focus on specific data of interest. Lab and field quality control validation tools allow users to confirm the suitability of the data for interpretation.

Being a web-based portal, Eurofins and their clients can log in and view data at any time, removing the need to share spreadsheets manually or keep track of who has which version.

The ESdat Lab Portal allows laboratories to:

  • View lab reports that have been uploaded for each client
  • View lab report status (approved or rejected)
  • Purchase lab reports on behalf of clients for use in ESdat

Adopting ESdat and the ESdat Lab Portal has provided tangible benefits to Eurofins and their clients, including:

  • Streamlined lab report management across multiple clients
  • Efficient processing of field and lab data
  • Accurate reporting of results
  • Rapid interpretation of data and identification of compliance breaches
  • Hassle-free data-sharing amongst stakeholders


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