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Metro Mining – Award winning mining group adopts ESdat

Recognized by the Diggers & Dealers Mining Forum as Australia’s leading “Emerging Mining Company.” Metro Mining Ltd. operates the Bauxite Hills Mine, 95km north of Weipa in western Cape York.

Metro Mining conducts surface water and groundwater environmental monitoring to meet operating license conditions, as well as drinking water and sewage treatment analysis.

The company needed a centralized data collection/storage solution, enabling visibility of data trends to guide and assess corrective actions. The management and reporting of laboratory data, together with field data collected during sampling events formed the key focus of this solution.

The intuitive interface of the ESdat Environmental Data Management Software has resulted in a rapid update within Metro’s operations:

  • Automated import of laboratory reports ensures results are captured wholly and efficiently.
  • Data of interest can be presented in tables, graphs or maps for interpretation. 
  • New results can easily be compared with historical data.

“Having worked with a number of databases over the course of our combined environmental management careers, the environmental team at Metro Mining has found ESdat to be extremely user-intuitive and simple to use.

We appreciate that our laboratory data is migrated across to ESdat at the click of a button, saving us time, and resources and more importantly limiting human error.

I would strongly recommend ESdat to not only other mine sites, but to any industry needing an easily navigable and cost-efficient database to manage their water quality data storage needs.”

– Environment Officer, Metro Mining


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