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ESdat Implementation at Northern Territory Department of Primary Industries and Resources

The Northern Territory Department of Primary Industries and Resources, Mines Directorate (DPIR) regulates all mining activities associated with mineral development in Northern Territory (NT), Australia.


To inform sound environmental management decisions and to better regulate mining operators, DPIR requires ready access to quality-controlled data with an Environmental Data Management System (EDMS). A key requirement of the EDMS is the provision of a user-friendly and intuitive interface for use by the regulatory body.

ESdat was chosen as the successful solution to meet the requirements of NT DPIR. The cloud-based system allows the regulatory body to efficiently and accurately manage the generation, interpretation and reporting of complex environmental data sets with the following features:

  • Electronic data capture
  • Data life-cycle oversight
  • Data validation and quality control
  • Powerful interrogation tools
  • Configurable reporting

“We are excited to have NT DPIR as a client and look forward to developing a long-term working relationship to help the Mines Directorate achieve their objectives.”

– Tom Wilson, EScIS Senior Implementation Manager


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