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Earth Science Information Systems (EScIS) present at the CleanUp Conference in Melbourne 2013

Earth Science Information Systems (EScIS) recently presented at the CleanUp Conference in Melbourne, Australia held between 15-18 September, 2013. The conference is held every two years for scientists, engineers, regulators and other environmental professionals representing universities, government (site management and regulatory agencies) and R&D and manufacturing firms with attendees from more than 20 countries. Conference themes included:

            •          Site characterization

            •          Risk assessment and characterization

            •          Human health effects of exposure to contaminants

            •          Soil and sediment assessment and remediation

            •          Groundwater assessment and remediation

            •          Soil and waste treatment facilities

            •          Landfills

            •          Environmental drilling

            •          Sustainability

            •          Regulatory and legal

            •          Communication and social

            •          Emerging environmental issues

The CleanUp Conference hosted over 650 delegates, 230 oral presentations, 100 posters and 9 workshops.

The next CleanUp will be on 13–17 September 2015 in Melbourne.


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