Introducing ESdat Server Version 3, Reducing the Risks in Regulatory Reporting, Lab Initiated Report Upload, Cristal Mining Australia and more.
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EScIS Newsletter December 2017

Introducing ESdat Server Version 3

EScIS pride ourselves on listening to and understanding our clients as the best source of development. We're proud to announce that we will be releasing ESdat Server Version 3 early in January 2018 with some exciting new features.

LSPECS - Simplified & Sayonara Silverlight!

LSPECS has been rebuilt from the ground up with some significant improvements and upgrades.

With Silverlight gone, LSPECS can now be used through other browsers, including Chrome (or you can continue to use Internet Explorer).

Simplified interface - - LSPECS menus have been simplified, removing the wizards.

To capture or modify most data, simply click "Add" or "Edit" and enter your values directly.

Schedules - Monitoring Programs are now called Schedules and have been simplified to focus on the recurrence of a Monitoring Round.

For more information see the Help Manual

Reference Database - Maintaining ESdat Server becomes even easier

For clients operating ESdat Server we've made it easier to the keep following critical elements up to date:

  • ChemCodes
  • Chemistry Profiles
  • Unit Conversions and
  • Environmental Standards

ESdat Server 3 enables users to sync and compare against the relevant ESdat Online Server within your region. ESdat Online Servers are maintained in North America, Australia and England.

Keep up to date with Emerging Compounds (such as PFAS) by viewing and comparing against those within ESdat Online and add new compounds to your system as required.

Chemistry Profiles (e.g. Chem Name/Order/Group and Output Units) can also be compared with the ESdat Online Reference Chemistry Profile, to keep your system up to date. You can also propose changes to the Reference Profile by using the integrated suggestion function.

Compare your Environmental Standards with those on our Reference Database, then import those you need with just a few mouse clicks.

This provides an alternative to importing Environmental Standards from, (which will still be maintained).

Users retain the ability to customise the Environmental Standards to their own needs.

For more information see the following links from the Help Manual: and


Map Layouts - add WMS & WFS to get a bigger picture

In addition to ESdat Desktop, ESdat Server now also supports Map Layouts for Hosted and Onsite installations, greatly enhancing the ability to visualise and interpret your data.

GIS layers can be added to the ESdat Server Map View utilising WMS or WFS layers (Web Map/Feature Service).

Many free WMS layers available online (e.g. OpenStreet Maps) and WFS layers will typically be managed and published by your GIS team.

Map Layouts are managed by Admin users and can be accessed by clicking the Layers button on any map screen (Locations Portal, Chemistry Map).

As with Table and Chemistry Profiles, Map Layouts can be customised depending on your needs and easily selected from the drop-down menu, so you will always have ready access to the correct Map Layout for your Project.

More information at

Reducing the Risks in Regulatory Reporting

A growing number of organisations operating in regulated industries are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of data custody and integrity to manage financial and reputational risk.

Clunky and uncontrolled data exchange can introduce errors, create uncertainty and damage relationships between organisations.

Sharing (or interchanging) data has become easier for a NT regulator and a number of mining clients who have adopted ESdat.

Mining companies who have adopted ESdat, such as McArthur River Mines and NT Resources, are able to easily interchange data with the mining regulator, the NT Department of Primary Industries and Resources, who implemented ESdat in 2016.

Data can be transferred efficiently between ESdat databases using the Electronic Data Interchange File, maintaining data integrity. This EScIS technology has also been adopted nationally by a Commonwealth Government department creating a paradigm shift in the data interchange and knowledge sharing between the client, consultants and laboratories.

To learn more about how EScIS can help your organisation, contact us today:


Lab Initiated Report Upload - Import Lab Results Faster

Laboratory Reports in ESdat format represented a step-change in the ease of compiling, validating and reporting lab results.

By subscribing to the ESdat Lab Initiated Report Upload (LIRU) an increasing number of organisations are streamlining that process even more.

With LIRU, lab reports are imported into ESdat automatically. Users simply receive an email from ESdat informing them the Lab Report imported.

The email contains a list of any exceedances, plus links that take the user directly to relent views with ESdat, including automatically tabulated data and a map of the sample locations.

Combined with the previously mentioned Reference Database synch this has the potential to revolutionise how laboratory data is received into users’ systems.

The Lab Initiated Report Upload is available as an annual subscription. Labs that support the Lab Initiated Upload are marked with an asterisk at:

Cristal Mining Australia - Client User Story

Cristal Mining operate several mining and processing facilities in NSW and WA, which are subject to ongoing environmental monitoring to comply with relevant legislation and regulations.

Since 2014, EScIS and Cristal have worked together to implement the ESdat EDMS to simplify the capture, management and reporting of environmental data.

Central to the EDMS is the ESdat Server database, which is Cloud hosted, enabling access by both WA and NSW operations. As each operation has unique requirements they use a combination of Desktop and Server Browser Interfaces for data interpretation and reporting.

Other key elements of the EDMS include:

  • LSPECS, implemented in WA, to assist with a complex groundwater monitoring program
  • Custom development to support a unique weather data format, which loads directly to ESdat
  • Development of custom charts to improve annual reporting
  • Established a public portal to enable a regulator to query data, replacing PDF reports

Cristal Mining are achieving great outcomes with the ESdat Implementation, such as the efficiency gained through streamlined regulatory reporting via the public portal.

See the public portal here:

Going Hosted – ESdat Server in the Cloud

Organisations of all sizes are enjoying the benefits of hosting ESdat Server in the Cloud, including:

  • Freedom: don't be restricted by your internal network - securely access your data anywhere
  • Save on costs: a fraction of the cost of buying and maintaining internal servers
  • Simpler: Power Users can administer ESdat, reducing the burden on internal IT staff
  • Faster: Internal Servers and Networks often have bottlenecks or are slow. With broadband internet, the performance from a Cloud Hosted Server is likely to be significantly faster
  • Confidence: Know that your system is running on a server optimised for ESdat
  • Support: Resolution of support questions are resolved significantly faster
  • Secure: Our recommended Cloud Hosting provider is certified by the Australian Signals Directorate

See the following link for more detail:

ESdat in the Land of the Long White Cloud

ESdat usage in NZ is growing.

The NZ Department of Defence has adopted ESdat to manage their contaminated sites data. Consultants Pattle Delamore Partners have also adopted ESdat to streamline their data management.

Hills and Eurofins Laboratories have provided results in ESdat format in NZ for some years and have been joined by Analytica and Asure Quality Labs.

The compilation of New Zealand guidelines has also recently been reviewed and updated by EScIS, working closely with our existing and new NZ clients.

EScIS will be attending the upcoming 5th NZ Contaminated Land Conference in Christchurch May 2018. We hope to secure a stand so please come and pay us a visit (and attend our talk - abstract has been submitted!).

The ESdat Support Portal - Help when you need it

ESdat is a simple and easy to use tool for managing your environmental data, but sometimes you might need a little extra help to get the most out of your data.

Your first stop should be the ESdat Support Portal!

Search the Online User Manuals, the ESdat User Forum, Handy Hints and other resources at the ESdat Support Portal, no matter your flavour of ESdat (Desktop-Server-Online).

  • Cover the fundamentals such as adding new Projects and Sites, importing Lab Reports and creating Chemistry Tables
  • Available for both ESdat Desktop (here) and ESdat Server Version 2 (here)
  • New tutorials for ESdat Server 3 are currently under development
Online Manuals
  • Desktop or Server Web Interface Online Manuals
  • The manuals have a handy table of contents so you can quickly find your area of interest
User Forum
  • Search the User Forum to see if the question has already been asked and answered
  • Separate sections for ESdat, LSpecs, pLog Environmental and ESlog
  • Post your questions on the forum with as much detail as possible such as descriptions and screenshots
  • Our support staff will receive a notification and respond, or other members of the community may chime in
Handy Hints
  • Check the Handy Hints section - some of our more regularly asked questions are answered here

Bookmark the ESdat Support Portal now!

Making in-roads into WA Infrastructure Projects

2017 has been a busy year for infrastructure projects in Perth. EScIS is pleased to be providing environmental management solutions for the following projects:

  • Great Northern connect Joint Venture (Laing O'Rourke)
  • Forestfield Airport Link (Salini Impregilo)
  • Northlink WA (CBP Contractors)

Positions Vacant - Opportunities for ESdat Experts

CH2MHill, Melbourne. Environmental Scientist/Engineer - Contaminated Land

Greencap, Melbourne. Environmental Consultant

AECOM, Townsville. Contaminated Land Consultant  

GHD, Darwin. Contaminated Land Specialist  

Prensa, Brisbane. Contaminated Land Management Consultant  

Arcadis, Mumbai. Senior Engineer - Contaminated Land - (UK Projects)

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